Management and control of your fuel movement at the highest level to identify quality deficiences


The design of our Flow Meters meets Worldwide Weights and Measures Standards. Inside the meter housing, a small number of moving parts along with no metal to metal contact, ensures quiet and smooth operation and provides low and easy maintenance.


While the best meter technology depends on the system characteristics, Newtoil’s positive displacement flow meters and components selection criteria will vary based on the following specifications:  liquid compatibility, flow rate, viscosity, temperature, pressure, suspensions, solids and the pumping technology.



Delivery information is captured and electronically sent back to the office. The HUB  DELIVERY MANAGEMENT is designed to work seamlessly with the electronic management heads to save you and your drivers time, eliminate errors, and improve customer service. The HUB integrates with a variety of ERP, back office, and 3rd-party applications.


The HUB is a SQL-based software designed to capture truck delivery information wirelessly to be electronically collected at locations and/or the home office. The  HUB software supports both line of sight wireless modem and/or cellular modem for real-time delivery tracking.


Access HUB anywhere with an Internet Connection


  • Secure User Authentication
  • Optional GPS Tracking
  • Delivery Reporting
  • Multilingual capability
  • Multi-Location Centralized software